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I have been — and always will be — your friend… Live. Long. And. Prosper.

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get to know me meme: [1/5 favorite tv shows] ↴

Before I go, can you guys promise me something? Can you two get over it? Dudes, just because you couldn’t see me doesn’t mean I couldn’t see you. The drama, the fighting? It’s stupid. My mom’s taking home a ghost. You two, you’re both still here.

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2 2 1 B Baker Street

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It is a curious thing, Harry, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.

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“How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart, you begin to understand, there is no going back? There are some things that time cannot mend. Some hurts that go too deep.. that have taken hold.”

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spn memeten scenes
↳ I remember you. I remember everything. [2/10]

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LotR Meme: Nine Companions [2/9] → Samwise Gamgee

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I amar prestar aen, han mathon ne nen, han mathon ne chae a han noston ned ‘wilith.

[ The world is changed; I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. ] 

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Man this episode killed me

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this obsession to save dean? the way you two keep sacrificing yourselves for each other? nothing good comes out of it. just blood and pain. dean’s your weakness. and the bad guys know it, too. it’s gonna be the death of you, sam. sometimes you just gotta let people go. he’s my brother. yup, and like it or not, this is what life’s gonna be like without him.

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Have some flower crown Team Avatar to cheer you up after that last season of Korra!


Here’s my second print to go with my chocobo one… I didn’t get as much done this summer as I thought I would, but I think the stuff I did get to came out really well!

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